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New modular data centers in OCP provide sustainable and efficient solutions aimed at OCP hardware

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Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a major part of our daily lives, which means that dependence on critical IT infrastructure is rapidly increasing.

If the IoT is the circulatory system of the IT industry, the data centre with its supportive infrastructure is its very heart. This places strong demands for both quality and knowledge on those of us who provide the industry with solutions. Keeping up with the fast pace of technological developments requires sensitivity to change as well as fast and reliable deliveries.

Pay as you grow

Swedish Modules’ prefabricated modular data centers make it possible to expand as your needs increase. To accomplish this, we offer custom solutions based on the unique circumstances of the case, or using a standardised OCP concept, along with high-density modules that meet the high demands of our customers for ROI and short delivery times. Investments are thereby directly linked to current needs and future growth.


Protected production indoors and shorter delivery times

One factor that ensures high quality is that all production is undertaken indoors, with the product protected throughout the production phase. The modules are safely and securely completed in a controlled environment in Swedish Modules’ custom production facilities in Emtunga. All equipment is installed prior to delivery, which saves considerable time and costs on site and enables guaranteed delivery to end customers and commissioning.

A major advantage of prefabricated is that while the modules are in production, the on-site groundwork and infrastructure can be completed, thereby significantly reducing the time to complete the building compared with on-site construction of a similar structure.

The modules we build are usually dimensioned 13,350 (l) x 4,450x (w) x 4,100 (h). This form factor was developed as a result of over 40 years of transportation and installation experience and has proven to be the safest, most secure and cost-effective size for a module Moreover, for larger buildings they form perfect modular symmetry similar to Tetris.

Göteborg Energi

Extensive experience of demanding markets worldwide

Swedish Modules has over 40 years’ experience of prefabricated module solutions and over 20 years’ experience of data centers. We have delivered prefabricated modular structures to demanding markets such as pharmaceutical factories and operating theatres all over the world.

Consequently, we can assist our customers at an early stage with best practices from design to delivery. With a high degree of both technological content and an extensive level of prefabrication, we can provide quality assurance and reliable delivery, thereby minimising the risk of delays and increased costs.

We are now taking this concept of industrial production to the next level by offering the growing data center industry the advantages of producing complete data centers in our factory in Emtunga.

Time is ripe for collaboration

In order for the rapid technological developments in IT to achieve sustainable development, we must have an open approach in which we share our knowledge and innovation. We believe in collaboration characterised by transparency and openness in the business process throughout the entire journey, from start to finish.

Safe work environment

Working on a building site is one of the world’s most hazardous occupations. We are proud that we have substantially reduced the risks and instead created a safe workplace; for example, our employees only work at a height of around 0.5 metres. Our priority is for everyone to come home, safe and sound, at the end of the day.

How we work

Devising ways of working sustainably is at the heart of what we do and spans financial, social and environmental considerations. Sustainability is a key area that is naturally integrated into our activities.

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