High-tech pharmaceutical factories

KeyPlants and Swedish Modules offer solutions for pharmaceutical facilities

Choosing to build modularly makes it easier to ensure the clean room standard and to offer a flexible solution in terms of needs and function of buildings; format, location, temporary or permanent solution.

For project management and design of pharmaceutical plants, we collaborate with KeyPlants. We have worked together for a long time and delivered pharmaceutical factories and biomedical facilities worldwide.
KeyPlants’ solution allows you to invest in new, high-tech and advanced facilities for the production of pharmaceuticals, both in Sweden and abroad. Together we have the expertise to manage exacting requirements in terms of cooperation, intercultural aspects and production.

Assembly and testing on site at our plant

Valuable process equipment is assembled on site at our plant in Emtunga. Important tests are carried out prior to delivery, so we are confident that everything will work on arrival. Our extensive expertise is built into every detail in a technically advanced production facility, all in a safe work environment. Our unique approach offers possibilities that would often be difficult to achieve locally.

Factory operational with ready-trained staff

KeyPlants and Swedish Modules offer the opportunity to train staff on site in Emtunga before the factory is commissioned. Your employees are welcome to visit us in Emtunga to be trained in the environment in which they will be working. Every detail is then tested while the staff receive their training. This means that the factory can be commissioned once it has been assembled on site, and you avoid having to wait while staff are trained.

KeyPlants and Swedish Modules

Our concept and partnership are tried and tested, offering you peace of mind when it comes to delivery, quality and predictability.

Watch the film showing KeyPlants delivering a factory built by Swedish Modules to Saudi Arabia

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