News | 1 Oct 2018

OCP Regional Summit in Amsterdam, 1–2 October

The inaugural European Open Compute Project Regional Summit will be held on 1–2 October at the RAI Exhibition och Convention Centre in Amsterdam. It brings together decision makers, executives, engineers, developers and suppliers from regions in which there is a significant demand for and interest in OCP.

The keynote presentations will be focused on specific issues of importance to the European region, while Engineering Workshops will provide in-depth insights from OCP’s project groups.
The exhibition venue will be packed full of the latest developments in OCP hardware and software.

During the past year, the Open Compute Project has recruited resources to Europe in order to make it easier for the datacenter market to reap the considerable benefits associated with OCP. There are substantial savings to be made when choosing OCP instead of traditional IT equipment, both in terms of investment and operational costs. This applies in particular to considerable “green” benefits, with environmental impact one-third of that generated by conventional hardware.

Roberto Söderhäll from Swedish Modules presents the results of the Open MDC project during one of the sessions with the Data Center Facility group. The objective of Open MDC is to develop a Modular Datacenter optimized for OCP hardware. The presentation takes place on 2 October at 09.00 a.m.

We invite you to take part in the significant progress of Open Innovation in relation to the development of technical infrastructure for the digital society!