OCP Amsterdam

News | 22 Oct 2018

OCP Summit, Amsterdam: Swedish Modules presents modular data centre designed for OCP hardware

The Open Compute Project held its first Regional Summit in Europe on 1–2 October 2018. Taking place at the RIA Convention Center in Amsterdam, the event drew more than 600 visitors from all over the world, around two-thirds of whom were from Europe.

In addition to a large exhibition in which suppliers displayed OCP-approved products, the event featured a number of interesting talks and workshops.

Roberto Söderhäll from Swedish Modules held a presentation in which we reported the results of the OCP project Open MDC, the first modular data centre designed for OCP hardware.  This development met with considerable interest, and there were several questions about the future of OCP and modular datacenters during the talk. We can confirm there is a steadily growing interest in OCP, with the European market for OCP and modular data centres continuing to mature.

Watch the presentation here

A selection of the most interesting speakers is below:

  • Microsoft’s Marc Tremblay spoke about the Cloud, AI and the growth this creates on the data centre market through greater demand for bandwidth, storage and computing power.
  • Facebook’s Hans-Juergen Schmidtke talked about Distributed Compute and the need to bring networks and computing power closer to end-users.
  • John Laban from OCP spoke about Moores Law on Open Source steroids, describing the considerable growth occurring in open innovation and open design. Among other things, he pointed to the growth of Open Compute, which is precisely in line with Linux, which currently boasts 90% of the global operating system market. If this scenario plays out, OCP will have 80% of the global IT hardware market by 2025.

OCPs method of developing products according to an open design, which doesn’t restrict the customer to a specific system or tie them to a specific supplier, is clearly of more and more interest. The fact that collaboration generates benefits such as 50% lower investment costs and reduced operational costs while substantially curtailing environmental impact in production as well as consumption means it’s not a question of if these products make their mark on the market, but when.

The 2018 OCP Summit in Amsterdam left no one in any doubt that OCP is here to stay.