News | 10 Sep 2018

Swedish Modules set to unveil exciting OCP development at Datacenter Forum in Copenhagen on 20 September

“This year it’s particularly exciting to be involved in the Datacenter Forum in Copenhagen. There’s a lot of focus on the growing interest in OCP in Europe in general – and Scandinavia and the Nordics in particular – and we’re also launching our modular datacenter optimized for OCP hardware.

The Open MDC 1.0 modular datacenter is developed by the Data Center Facility project group within the OCP community. Its design was conceived with the help of specialists in power, cooling, automation and construction from the datacenter industry alongside representatives from the IT industry in the form of Telecoms, Colocation and Cloud Computing. We’re extremely proud to be unveiling this development, and naturally, we’re very curious to see how the market will react,” explains Roberto Söderhäll, Business Development Officer at Swedish Modules, who will be making the presentation from the rostrum during his address at the event on 20 September at 1.40 p.m.

The event will also mark the launch of our new brand image, which focuses on our delivery of critical societal infrastructure.

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