Datacenter Forum i Köpenhamn

News | 28 Sep 2018

Swedish Modules unveiled its modular datacenter optimized for OCP hardware at the Datacenter Forum in Copenhagen

The steadily increasing rate of energy consumption in the datacenter industry was the main theme at this year’s event, which attracted around 170 participants from the Danish datacenter industry, comprising suppliers as well as end consumers. According to a survey conducted by Cowi, the industry will account for 30% of Denmark’s energy consumption by 2030 – provided growth continues at the current rate. This is expected to rise to 76% by 2040.

Our main announcement at the exhibition was the unveiling of Open MDC 1.0, our modular datacenter optimized for OCP hardware. Last year, Roberto Söderhäll challenged the datacenter industry to cut the production and operational costs associated with constructing datacenter facilities by 50%. He also reported the results of the OCP project, which has been under way since March 2018 and is focused on developing a modular datacenter for OCP hardware. The outcome was extraordinary in relation to last year’s challenge, which set the objective to produce a datacenter for less than 5 million US dollars per megawatt. The OCP project succeeded in developing a facility for around 2 US dollars per megawatt. After the presentation, there were substantially more visitors to the Swedish Modules stand.

To watch the presentation, visit:

We also used the event to reveal our new brand image and launch our new website. This was met by a very positive response among participants.

As usual, the Datacenter Forum was very well organized and run. Attracting more end consumers to these forums is a clear objective, however, since they represent the most important element of the team which will develop sustainable infrastructure for the digital society.

A big thank you to everyone who worked at and visited our stand for contributing towards rewarding and inspiring dialogue.