Press | 6 Aug 2018

New modular datacenters in OCP provide sustainable and efficient solutions aimed at OCP hardware

Swedish Modules has initiated a development project as part of the Open Compute Project, with the task of designing a modular datacenter optimised for OCP products and OCP criteria – energy efficient, cost effective, sustainable and service friendly. The project is the first in the modular datacenter category in the history of OCP.

We believe in sharing our insights based on our many years of experience and working with other participants to develop the core of the emerging digital infrastructure: modular, scalable datacenters that make it possible to bring computing power closer to the user. When we join forces, we can make faster and better progress. We need to do this to successfully to meet society’s needs for computing power in a market with an annual growth rate of nearly 30%*.

By developing a standard together, we will achieve a highly efficient product that will eliminate prolonged and expensive design sessions. It also creates clarity in ROI estimates and doesn’t tie up resources or capital until you need to do so, as you can scale up as needed. IT is on the way to achieving the same status as electricity in terms of being part of the basic infrastructure of society. From that perspective, we need to develop solutions that are simple, standardised and universally applicable worldwide. This can best be accomplished through broad and open collaboration.” “We are building infrastructure that is crucial for society.

Roberto Söderhäll, Business Development Officer, Swedish Modules.

The OCP-optimised modular datacenter will be developed by OCP hardware suppliers of racks, servers, switches, and DC power and cooling solutions, along with telecom operators, colocation businesses and cloud service providers. With this approach, the project will integrate valuable perspectives to achieve optimal results. The participants include representatives of both the datacenter industry and the end-user side, including Facebook, Microsoft, AT&T, Nokia and Schneider Electric.

Requirements for the finished product include being easy to maintain, sustainable in production and operation, and easy to connect for reuse of energy. It should also be simple to connect to a power supply and offer an efficient process from assembly to commissioning. In line with the spirit of open innovation, the product should reach the market quickly and be available to customers as early as October 2018.


Project start: April 2018
Draft design sizes and effects: July 2018
Design: September 2018
Launch: October 2018 at OCP Summit in Amsterdam
Approval of the product: March 2019
Launch at OCP Summit 2019: March 2019

About the OCP

The Open Compute Project (OCP) is a collaborative community focused on redesigning hardware technology to efficiently support the growing demands on compute infrastructure.
The Open Compute Project Foundation is a rapidly growing, global community whose mission is to design, use, and enable mainstream delivery of the most efficient designs for scalable computing.
To insure a level of consistency in our contributions, OCP requires that all contributions meet three out of the four core OCP tenets: Efficiency, Scalability, Openness, Impact
This commitment to excellence keeps OCP at the forefront of the open source compute movement.

*) Source: ReportsnReports, 14 June 2017

For more information please contact:
Roberto Söderhäll
Chief business development officer
+46 (0)727 17 40 81

Swedish Modules delivers prefabricated, high-specification modular structures within our business segments; Medical and Datacenter & Power. With over 40 years’ experience in modular construction, we’ve provided upwards of 3,500 high-quality modules to more than 30 countries all over the world. We develop and manufacture solutions adapted for critical societal infrastructure and constantly strive to create greater function and value for our customers and their business. All our modules are manufactured in a safe work environment at our factory in Emtunga, Sweden. Swedish Modules has offices based in Emtunga and central Stockholm.

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