Nyheter | 20 apr 2019

White Paper about embracing the opportunities in OCP in the Data Center Industry.

By: Swedish Modules & ABB

OCP is creating new levels of sustainability for Data Center Design

The growing use and development of OCP hardware, is beginning to make a big impact on the design work for Data Centers. The Open Innovation Community are growing and the projects with direct or indirect impact on the data Center design increase every week. Optimization on every level is the order of the day and the mission to develop a sustainable infrastructure for the digital society seems to be more and more central tasks to work with. Saving energy is saving the environment – and saving money, so the motivation is high for those stakeholders who run their business within the telco and IT-service markets. What about the rest of us? The industry upstream, the developers and innovators of the construction, the mechanical-, the electrical- and the security systems. Are we open together?

Over 200 OCP-Projects are in the pipeline, ready to be released in open source format to the market. The Global OCP Summit gathered 3,600 attendees this year. There were team members from 727 organizations and 42 countries around the world. There were 13 Engineering Workshop tracks, comprised of 135 sessions. From the Academy, the following Universities participated in the OCP Future Technologies Symposium; MIT, UC Berkeley, Princeton, Northwestern, Smith College, UC Santa Cruz, UC San Diego, UC Santa Barbara, University of New Hampshire, Vienna University of Technology, Qazvin IA University, University of Manitoba and Osaka University.

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Peter Nilsson
Head of Data Center Segment
Sweden ABB AB

Roberto Söderhäll
Chief Business Development Officer
Swedish Modules AB                                     

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