OCP cost calculator

New easy and fast online tool for calculating needed investments for modular and scalable OCP data centers

Getting an overview of the cost to set up a new modular OCP data center has never been easier

Calculating the cost for data centers that can handle rapidly expanding volumes of data in heterogeneous environments and mission critical applications is getting more and more complex and time consuming.

Therefor Swedish Modules has developed a new cost calculator for modular OCP accepted data centers. This means that these data centers easily can be scaled depending needs and resources and that they are both energy and cost efficient.

How the Cost Calculator works
The Cost Calculator is built on best practices and standards such as ASHRAE as well as input from the OCP Community. Based on your input for capacity in regards to racks, UPS, geographic climate zone, IT-load density and location the cost calculator will quickly provide an overview of capital expenditures and energy use.

All cost related to the inside of the data center module are included as well as chillers and back up power generators. Budget prices include transport cost to the nearest harbour at your chosen destination.

Process – few and easy questions makes it fast

  1. Choose your option to the below questions that best meets your purpose and needs
  2. Specify your e-mail address
  3. A calculated budget will be generated and sent to your mail address within the next minute

For additional information or questions

Product sheet Example (AMSTERDAM) can be accessed here

Should you have any additional question, please contact us