Our history

Swedish Modules stems from Emtunga Mekaniska Verkstad, which was founded in 1945. Successful businesses would develop from this strong industrial tradition.

Industrial quality since 1945

Our modern history started in 1974. During the company’s first decade of operation we primarily manufactured housing modules for the developing offshore industry. We delivered our first pharmaceutical modules in 1986. Since then, we’ve taken part in over 100 projects all over the world, always striving to match the high standards of quality demanded by our customers.

Swedish Modules as it is today was founded in 2009 by a group of committed key personnel from Pharmadule. They were able to transfer their extensive knowledge and experience of producing highly complex prefabricated modular structures to demanding markets within the pharmaceutical industry. Many of our employees boast more than 20 years’ experience working with prefabricated modular solutions, and have built up an impressive portfolio of successfully completed projects over the years.

Our factory is still situated where the business began, in Emtunga. The site covers 8,500 square metres, including warehouse and staff facilities. External storage space included, the total area of the facility spans over 50,000 square metres. We also set up an office in Stockholm in early 2018, where the company’s CEO is based.